Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top 20 issues I have with the iPhone and will stay with Windows Mobile until they are fixed

For anyone out there contemplating buying a smartphone, and thinking about an iPhone versus buying a Windows Mobile based phone, I'd thought I'd give you some of my decision factors:
  1. The iPhone has no physical keyboard. Once you type a text message with a real keyboard, you can't go back.
  2. Can't cut and paste on the iPhone with built in software - and I like cutting and pasting.
  3. No GPS software that can give voice guidance. I use GPS software that gives me voice prompts on my phone, and it works great (Currently using iNAV 4.02).
  4. No Voice Command. Nothing beats being able to just say what you want when you're driving, and not worry about voice tags to record, etc. Microsoft Voice Command actually works.
  5. Most of the useful apps that aren't toys require money with the iPhone. There is an incredible library of free, useful applications for Windows Mobile (mainly found at XDA Developers website).
  6. No Video built-in. My camera can take videos as well as still pictures, without paying for an add-on piece of software.
  7. Poor Outlook Sync. I use Outlook on my desktop/laptop - activesync works for Notes, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Email, and I use all of these things ... iPhone and Outlook sync with Tasks? Notes? Not yet anyway. And with the iPhone, you have to install iTunes, and it has to be running to sync things up.
  8. No built-in voice recorder.
  9. No File System I can access and understand -- anyone know where their music, files, etc are actually stored on the iPhone?
  10. No USB tethering. I can tether my phone to my laptop, and get high speed internet with my phone's unlimited data plan on my laptop.
  11. No Wifi Tethering. I can share my phone's internet connection via WiFi with WMWifiRouter ($) or ICSControl (free).
  12. No removeable memory. I have a memory card I can take out, put in a USB reader and back up at high speed.
  13. Non-standard power plug. My phone uses standard mini-USB for sync and charge - no custom cables, and I can buy an extra charger for $6 on ebay.
  14. Can't search large lists of contacts easily. I can search my contacts by dialing part of their name on the keypad, or search by typing their name on my keyboard.
  15. Slow calendar launch, and time consuming calendar entry interface. The calendar program in windows mobile launches quickly, and with Pocket Informant I can get a month view that actually works for dragging and dropping events between days. Even with the built in calendar I can cut and paste between days, and drag across a time section in the day view and just start typing to quick-enter a calendar event. Beat that iPhone!
  16. No scroll wheel or navigation pad on the sleek iPhone. I read a lot of ebooks on my phone, and it's very nice to have hardware buttons to advance the pages.
  17. VERY limited multitasking on the iPhone (basically music + one other program at any one time). With Windows Mobile, I can simultaneously can run multiple programs: read a book, browse the web, share the network connection with my laptop, switch to navigation program and see how long until we get there, switch to contacts, talk on the phone, and leave them all running at the same time.
  18. No native support for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I've actually calculated a mortgage payment in Excel before on my phone to help someone out. I guess I'm that geeky.
  19. Hardware buttons! For answering, hanging up, hitting ok, taking a picture -- I like having a few hardware buttons.
  20. iPhone centralized application police! Bill Gates can't suddenly decide one of the apps I installed doesn't meeet his approval and remotely yank it off my phone -- but Steve Jobs can do that with the iPhone!

What do I use?
A slightly customized AT&T Tilt. How did I customize it? I learned everything I know from XDA Developers section on the AT&T Tilt, also known as the HTC Kaiser. I'll write more later about my favorite apps, and how to "pimp your windows mobile".

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